Conference Objectives

Halal is a value system and lifestyle; subscribed by Muslim and applicable to all facets of life for both products and services. Halal industry is the new source of sustainable economic growth and represent endless opportunities for entrepreneurs; both existing and new. Demand of Halal products and services experiencing exponential growth at 20% per year in tandem with global awareness and understanding of Halal concept. Consumer spending in Halal food, fashion, tourism, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, media and recreation totaled USD2.1 trillion in 2016

Demographic growth is a major driving force for growth in Muslim spending on lifestyle. In tourism sector Muslim travelers represented 10% of the entire travel economy or 117 million people in 2015 and will grow to at least 168 million by 2020 with forecasted expenditure of more thanUSD 200 bn as reported by Global Muslim travel index.

Halal tourism, products and services have been widely perceived as a strategy to support the achievement of sustainable development goals. The conference will attract reknown scholars, entrepreneurs, regulators among other to share their thoughts and experiences on relevant topics.

Lombok in particular is a beautiful island actively promoting Halal tourism and has been recognized as the world best destination of Halal Tourism. The conference will be divided into several main symposia based on Halal sub sectors.


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